Office Organization Ideas

 I have kicked off 2015 on a declutter and organizing mission.  Here are some office organization ideas from around the web for your inspiration as well.  Lets kick clutter to the curb and get things in order!  Get inspired by the below plus follow our declutter series on Instagram for daily reminders and inspiration.


Office and craft room organizing ideas -- get tons of great pictures and ideas in one place.


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Mason Jar Desk Organizer

 My kiddos actually head back to school the end of this week!  I know!  This mason jar desk organizer will make a perfect back to school teacher gift this year.  A couple of jars turn into a desk organizer for teacher or for YOU!  Add this project to your must make list.  Be sure to pick the colors that will coordinate with your home decor if you are keeping this one.  Y’all organization in mason jars is my favorite type of organizing.  But you are not surprised right?  This post is a part of my design team status with DecoArt and I am compensated for my participation.  However all projects and opinions are my own. 


Mason Jar Desk Organizer -- make your own back to school teacher gift with this craft tutorial.  An adorable way to add some organization to any desk.

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Dyed Glitter Clothespins

 It is time for another day of quick crafts and I am sharing my dyed glitter clothespins today.  This week is Craft Lightning week and each day I will be sharing a craft that takes 15 minutes or less to complete.  Each afternoon I will be sharing quick craft features from around the web.  Want a chance to be featured?  Be sure to link up your quick crafts to our Craft Lightning linky party.  Now for some dyed glitter clothespins!    
If you missed any of the Craft Lightning fun, be sure to check out the quick crafts from day 1, day 2, day 3, and day 4.

Dyed Glitter Clothespins -- make adorable clothespins the easy way with dye!


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Color Block Book Shelf with @frogtape #FrogTapeProjects #FallPaintSeason

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrogTape brand painter’s tape for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
I was sent some FrogTape painter’s tape to try and knew that I would make a color block book shelf immediately.  If you have been hanging around here, you may know that we are in the middle of a teen room remodel and the book shelf needed a splash of fun.  I think I accomplished the fun factor….what do you think?

Color Block Book Shelf -- learn how to paint your own book shelf with a color block twist.  A colorful addition to any kid or teen room...or change up the colors for any space in your home.

Are you ready to see the before?  Hold onto your hats ladies and gents.

Color Block Book Shelf -- learn how to paint your own book shelf with a color block twist.  A colorful addition to any kid or teen room...or change up the colors for any space in your home.

Yep it was your typical boring cheap-o laminate bookshelf.  I started by taking the shelves and doors off.  I then gave everything a really good cleaning, sanding, and another cleaning.  I then used my FrogTape painter’s tape to mask off areas.

Color Block Book Shelf -- learn how to paint your own book shelf with a color block twist.  A colorful addition to any kid or teen room...or change up the colors for any space in your home.

You see there are a total of NINE colors on this bookshelf so masking was very important.  I wanted my lines to be super clean as well so FrogTape painter’s tape was the best choice for this job.  FrogTape® is the only tape treated with paint block technology, a super absorbent polymer that reacts with the water in latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape, which helps prevent paint bleed.  This means you are left with awesome lines like these once the tape is removed.

Color Block Book Shelf -- learn how to paint your own book shelf with a color block twist.  A colorful addition to any kid or teen room...or change up the colors for any space in your home.

Now all that is left is to continue to mask off and paint all of the areas of your color block book shelf.  Yep I even did the inside of the bottom cabinet.

Color Block Book Shelf -- learn how to paint your own book shelf with a color block twist.  A colorful addition to any kid or teen room...or change up the colors for any space in your home.

This project takes a bit of patience but it is so worth it.  Plus it will make a huge splash in my daughter’s new room.  Be sure to stick around here to see the full reveal soon.  I also lined the back of the bookshelf with wrapping paper to add even more color.

Color Block Book Shelf -- learn how to paint your own book shelf with a color block twist.  A colorful addition to any kid or teen room...or change up the colors for any space in your home.

This is going to be one colorful room reveal.  I could not have managed this project without the super clean lines from FrogTape painter’s tape.  I am converted now.  All of my painter’s tape will be green.  What about y’all?  Have you ever tried it?  Take my advice and give it a try…you may never go back.

Color Block Book Shelf -- learn how to paint your own book shelf with a color block twist.  A colorful addition to any kid or teen room...or change up the colors for any space in your home.

Be sure to follow @frogtape on twitter as well for even more project inspiration.  Got a paint project coming up?  Dreaming of stripes?  Tons of colors?  Don’t go any further until you give FrogTape painter’s tape a try!
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Desk Picture Frames with @Tuteracelebrate #Tuteracelebrate

I used the new David Tutera Paper Crafts line to make a set of desk picture frames for my college daughter.  Her first real job…sniff!  The David Tutera Celebrate line is actually a super simple system for making cards.  But once I had those gorgeous paper embellishments in my hands, visions of picture frames danced in my head.  Ready to learn how to make these for yourself?

scrapbook embellishments to desk picture frames


The Celebrate David Tutera card making supplies came to me direct from the manufacturer as part of a Blue Print Social campaign.  However, you can buy the entire line at a Joann’s near you.  Do you want to see what all I received from the line?  Or maybe you just want to hear a sweet southern accent?  Check out the video below for the entire box and my voice over.

I used two of those dollar frames you find at the craft store.  These actually came from the craft section at Walmart.

scrapbook embellishments to desk picture frames

First I dug through my box of card making supplies and tried out different things on both frames.  I am in love with these lattice pieces.  There were a couple of different designs.

scrapbook embellishments to desk picture frames

I decided roughly how I wanted the picture frames to look and what embellishments I wanted to use.  I had to throw in some glitter on at least one frame.

scrapbook embellishments to desk picture frames

I then painted both frames in colors that would work with what I had in mind.  After those dried, I added my embellishments using Mod Podge and removing any bubble or wrinkles as I went.

scrapbook embellishments to desk picture frames

A coat of Mod Podge went over the entire surface after everything was in place.

scrapbook embellishments to desk picture frames

After everything dried, I used a craft knife to trim any excess off of the paper pieces from both the outer edge and the center portion.

scrapbook embellishments to desk picture frames

The love frame got my favorite picture of my daughter and her dog!  I had this one planned from the very beginning.  I thought she would love a picture of her dog on her desk.

scrapbook embellishments to desk picture frames

I stamped a tag with “BFF” and hung off one corner of the second frame.  Then I added a picture of my daughter and her BFF to the center.

scrapbook embellishments to desk picture frames

They are the perfect addition to her work space and a touch of home via mom! 

scrapbook embellishments to desk picture frames
To keep up with the David Tutera Celebrate cardline, be sure to follow them on facebook, twitter, and YouTube.  

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Darice and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.
Check out all the great projects below that were also made with this great line of paper crafting supplies!

Washi Tape Craft Storage

I feel like I am the last blogger ever to jump on the Washi Tape bandwagon.  But I did it.  Do you know that there is some at Walmart in the $1 craft bins?  Yep.  So I snatched it up and came up with this idea for Washi Tape storage for my crafts.

I love these little fruit baskets for craft storage.  Plus they are super cheap at a farm supply store near us.  But they are a little plain.  I was looking for a quick and easy way to dress them up just a bit.

I realized the Washi tape I had on hand was almost exactly the correct width to go around that band at the top.  Washi tape is just that….TAPE….so it is super easy to just stick it to the baskets.

Now I have pretty storage all within a few minutes time.  Now if I could just get ALL my craft supplies organized.  Do y’all have this problem?  They just seem to multiply like rabbits and then I don’t have homes for them all.  I have a plan.  Again.  Follow along as I attempt to organize my crafty area.  If I dare take pictures. 

Originally posted at Mom Endeavors but reposting here in case y’all missed it. 
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Stool Transformation with a Coffee Sack

 I did a stool transformation with a coffee sack upholstered top…

 This stool was $2.50 at a yard sale and the fabric was um…icky….

 But it had good bones!  So I stripped it down to nothing…

 I broke out my favorite…Krylon Dual!  If ever anyone could love a spray paint…seriously amazing….I think I would marry it.  You can’t mess up using dual!  So I gave it a good coat all over.

Then I decided those big wood sides were just calling for a stencil.  So I broke out the Deco Art paint in gray.

I stenciled just down the center of both sides.  A subtle elegant effect…cause with all that burlap we are gonna put on top…it needed a touch of elegance.

Then I just reupholstered the stool with a coffee sack.  I heart this simple one.  Just a stripe down the center…

See elegant next to rustic…lovely…

This one is going in my office area.  I hope it helps me to organize the mess that is etsy.  Then if we need it, it can be a second seat in that area.  There are always kids fighting over the computer and the chair.  I am sure this won’t stop the fighting but at least I can say “one of you sit here”.  :)

Who knew an old coffee sack could look so good?

And I heart how the stencil detail is there but understated.  Not “in your face”.  Just there and adding to the look……

So are do you have any coffee projects to link up?  Anything goes…coffee sack, filters, ANYTHING coffee related!

Krylon and Decoart sent me products to work with.  All opinions and ideas are my own.
See how to transform a stool with a coffee sack!

Barnwood Furniture — My Desk Hutch

It is finished!!  I have barnwood in my living room!  And not a little barnwood…a lot of barnwood.  We (okay hubby did and I held things) made a hutch for my desk in the living room out of barnwood.  I adore barnwood and furniture made out of barnwood…so this one has me swooning…

Let’s talk inspiration.  My inspiration was this picture from pinterest that apparently has no source.  If you know the original source let me know.  It is a bookshelf made out of apple crates.  So of course I will be linking up with Young House Love and their pinterest party!!

Amazing.  Gorgeous.  But I have been on a crate hunt for months.  I can’t buy enough crates to make this on my budget.  So what is a poor farm girl to do??  Welllll….there was enough FREE barnwood to build one!  So we took inspiration from the bottom 1/2 of the above pic and came up with my hutch…

Let’s all appreciate a little before pic for a second shall we…don’t judge mkay??

And now that same area after…just keepin it real in the fact that I have a plan for that bookshelf to the left but I am not quite there yet.  That will be a post for another day.

For today I will focus on the gorgeous barnwood!!

The wood is the real thing.  Completely authentic.  I could not even tell you how many years old real.  That patina is all natural, weathered, worn, lovely…

We built the box first, then added dividers, then put a back on.  The back replicates the crate concept with spaces in between the boards.

It is totally imperfect because the wood is totally imperfect.  This is not perfect lumber from Lowes.  It is aged and imperfect and has nail holes and knots and well….it is just yummy!!

The desk that sits in front is the same one we have had for years.  We bought it unfinished about 16 years ago.  We stained and polyed it and have never done anything else.

So it really is slightly worn and rustic.  I considered altering the desk but instead I decided to make the hutch match the rustic nature of the desk.  The desk frankly is small.  The hutch concept gives us more room without spending any money.  Okay we had to run to the store for more screws…$3 was the cost of the hutch.  :)

I had hubby turn the imperfections OUT towards the front…

You can’t BUY details like this…

The slats that cover the back even have rustic and imperfect edges…

This spot is on the left in the very front at the bottom…a perfect rustic touch to put the computer cords through…

Now if you crawl up under the desk and take a peek up her skirt.  You will find we used some leftover “perfect” lumber as the base for the hutch.  I know you probably won’t be crawling around under my desk.  But just in case you were wondering how it is all held up…

My old school covered encyclopedias found their way into the hutch.  And no I am not done with all of them…

Look at the cozy little home for my Silhouette and all of her accessories…

The books I found thrifting a few weekends back add even more of that rustic farmhouse look.  The printer got moved to that little bookshelf on the right. 

More storage spots were just what I needed.  I am going to try to tame the chaotic mess that has become normal in this area of my house…

I heart baskets if you can’t tell.  I did not buy anything special to put in this shelf.  Just pulled from what I already had…

BONUS…I gained a new place to decorate!!  The top of the hutch might become my new favorite place to display…

Thrifted crates, bottles, books and a sweater pumpkin

A touch of milk glass and galvanized was required…

I am in love!!  The best part….everyone uses the back door at my house.  This is in a straight line of sight from the back door.  Perfect!!  Plus it totally reminds me of something you would find in Restoration Hardware.  I am totally ready to add barnwood to every room of my house.  Seriously.  This is probably enough of a statement in the living room but I am just wondering what room is my next victim!  

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Covering books…old school style!

I am working on a project.  A big project.  A takes more than one day project.  But I can’t neglect y’all!  So I am going to show some snippets.  More of the “decor” that will surround the finished project.  Maybe it will tease you just a tiny bit.  :) 

So I have a set of encyclopedias.  Yes that is so “old school”.  But the thing is we use them.  Pretty regularly actually.  Sometimes it is nice to have an actual book in your hand and not a laptop.  But I am not digging the LOOK of the books….so I am covering them!

Just in brown craft paper.  Just like you did in elementary school.  I am using brown ink and simple letter stamps to stamp the contents of each one on the edge…

Muuuuch prettier don’t ya think!!

So I am recovering encyclopedias…that means the BIG project is in my desk area!  Stay tuned for more details.  I will be talking about this one for YEARS cause I am that in love with it.  Y’all will want me to shut up about it…seriously… 

Stay tuned!!
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The Country Chic Cottage

Organizing my Desk

Time to get organized!!
My Wednesday organizing post is supposed to keep me motivated…guess what…it worked!  I was working/playing on etsy on Saturday and needed to stay close to the computer.  But I also needed to complete my weekly organization.  So…I organized my desk and the area around it…

 Some clean up, organization, and throwing away….

It just hit me…I need a curtain for the front of that little book shelf…mental note for another blog post!

Etsy was taking over this area…I developed what I think will be a better system…

How about some tips??

I still use my chalkboard tins!  Love ‘em for organizing!!

And baskets are my organizing weakness!

They even work great in drawers!!

So did you organize anything this week?

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