Santa’s Belly Cookies (no baking required!)

 I love quick and easy Christmas treats with the influx of holiday parties.  So these Santa’s belly cookies just had to be included in this week’s Craft Lightning.  If you have missed any of the quick holiday crafts this week, be sure to check out the 15 minute or less crafts in the round ups for day 1, day 2day 3, and day 4.  Now are ready for the easiest holiday cookie you have ever seen? 

No bake Santa's belly cookies that you can make in just minutes!   

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Ugly Sweater Party Dessert

I think the ultimate trend for holiday parties has to be the ugly sweater party! Grab those 90s sweaters out of the closet and wear them proudly at one of these fun events. Whether you are hosting or attending, these ugly sweater party desserts will be the hit of the party. Plus they are super easy to make. You can also comment on this post for a chance to win $1,000!! So don’t miss that at the bottom!

Ugly Sweater Party Dessert -- make this themed dessert for any ugly sweater party this Christmas!

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15 Dump Cake Recipes

We love dump cake recipes around here.  What is easier they dumping ingredients into a pan or the slow cooker?  Grab your favorite ingredients and learn how to make some super simple desserts with the recipes below.  Love pumpkin?  Yep there is a dump cake for that!  Can’t get enough rhubarb?  I have you covered there as well!  Tons of ideas to satisfy that sweet tooth in a fraction of the time.

15 Dump Cake Recipes -- if you love easy dessert ideas this post is for you!

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancake Recipe

Hold onto your hats for the best breakfast you have ever put into your mouth. These pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes are sure to become a staple around your home. With a special thanks to the pumpkin pie spice flavor of International Delight and the added chocolate chips to make this recipe really shine. Are you ready to dive into a plate of your very own?

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes Recipe -- a mouthwatering recipe perfect for fall!

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Slow Cooker Cream Corn Recipe

 I am just going to say it….I love my crock pot.  I have been trying out different variations of recipes and came up with this slow cooker cream corn recipe that is sure to please your family.  It is just a touch spicy but very creamy and cheesy!  Give this one a try as you will not be disappointed.   

Slow Cooker Cream Corn -- spicy with a touch of jalapeno!  Add this to your recipe collection today.

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How to: Mason Jar Salads

Serve up fun all year long by serving up various mason jar salads.  Learn the basics of assembling a salad in a jar below plus get tons of great recipes so you can give this one a go.  Salads in a mason jar are a great way to eat healthier all year long.  You can pack up any one of these salads for the ultimate work day lunch.  Or pack a few and head off for a family picnic.  Either way, we are here to help with tips, tricks, and recipes.

How to Assemble a Mason Jar Salad -- grab your ingredients and throw together an amazing salad in a mason jar.  Great instructions on how to keep your salad fresh!

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5 S’mores Recipes

Start a bonfire and try one of my five s’mores recipes tonight.  You know you want some of delicious variations on the traditional s’more.  These are so simple to make that you can try all of the recipes in a s’mores tasting party.  Of course you can just put the ingredients for one of these out next to the traditional version if you are feeling a little less adventurous.  

S'mores 5 Ways -- five fun ways to enjoy s'mores outdoors or even inside!

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