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I have had some people ask me about sourcing on burlap coffee bags and other burlap options.  BurlapFabric.com provides all of these items plus much more.  I asked them to write up a post tonight about their site and products.  Y’all enjoy!
Hello Country Chich Cottage readers! We love rustic fabric so we felt that this blog is a match made in heaven! Our site – BurlapFabric.com provides a great number of projects that are perfect for DIY home decor crafts. We sell in bulk at wholesale prices, so you can get great deals with us. For a look at what can be done using burlap, look no further than Angie’s great projects on this blog! Here is a look at some of our products: Burlap Rolls:
burlap fabric
Perfect for making table runners. We offer burlap rolls in from 2 inches wide – 72 inches wide and almost everything in between. One roll can last you a while! Burlap Bags
burlap sacks
We also offer used burlap coffee bags. These are really useful for DIY crafts and other uses. Follow us on Pinterest for some burlap inspiration! Jute Webbing:
Jute Webbing
Jute webbing in our site comes in 4 different colors, red, black, blue and green. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and on Pinterest for deals, discounts and giveaways!


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      I just went through and added a few things without issue. Put the quantity you would like in the add box and click add selected products to cart at the bottom of the page.

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