Children and Migraines #cbias

I have migraines.  I have had them for a long time.  I do not even remember when they started.  Frankly I was never diagnosed, I always remember getting headaches that would put me in the bed sick.  Then my oldest daughter started getting them around the age of nine.  I researched and realized that it may in fact be migraines for both myself and her.  Her diagnosis from the doctor was in fact migraines.  She learned to control them just as I had.  We both have mild cases compared with some other people.  
children's advil
Fast forward a few years.  My five year old son started getting migraine symptoms.  Five?  Is that even possible?  The doctor assured me that it was in fact possible.  We went through tons of testing.  Indeed he does have problems with migraines and extreme sinus headaches.  Certain times of the year are worse for us.  A lot of his issues are brought on by allergies this time of year.  One medication that has worked for us for little over a year is Children’s Advil.  As you can see from the above, he is a fan!  :)
children's advil
We have always went with the Children’s Advil liquid.  On a recent trip to Kroger, I decided to look at all of the options for my son’s medicine.  He is seven years old now and wants to be treated like a “big” boy.  Do you all get that from your kids?  They want to be just like adults.  But frankly, even if he could take regular strength medicine, he would never be able to swallow a pill.
children's advil
I just had to look down one row in the children’s medicine section.  The answer was there.  Plus from the name I know and trust.  Chewable tablets!  This one should please him by letting him be a “big” boy and me by alleviating his symptoms with the same brand we have been using for over a year now.
children's advil
I am about to tell y’all something you don’t even know about me.  I love coupons.  Love them.  This package also had a $2 coupon attached that you just peel off.  How is that for a shopping bonus?
children's advil
I completed the rest of my shopping and headed home with my find from the medicine aisle.  Plus a few extra finds from the bakery department.  Want to see the details on my entire shopping trip?  Check out this google plus album for lots of pictures.
children's advil
One house, five people, lots of medicine for different symptoms.  Do y’all suffer from this as well?  I find it easy to keep our medicine in a basket on top of a tall shelf.  Everyone knows where it is.  There are no calls from my husband at random times asking what he should give our son for a headache.  The Children’s Advil is always in the basket within an (adult) arm’s reach.
children's advil
Children’s Advil also works on any fever symptoms that my son may have.  A dual purpose to shrink our ever overflowing medicine basket.

children's advil
My son has not had a headache yet so no feedback on the “chewables”.  When I showed them to him though, they were a hit.  We will call them the “big boy” medicine for now…. 

children's advil
Happy smiles for now….and there is that lost tooth for anyone that follows me over on facebook.  That is one of our latest “big boy” events.  Our first lost tooth!
children's advil
This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All opinions and photographs are my own. 
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    I have heard that it runs in families. My dh has them, my son and now I think my daughter. My son takes some heavy duty and very expensive med called Maxalt. Take care!

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    I feel for you. I have suffered from migraines since I was in grade school. My Mom has them too. I had two of them last week. I also have major upper back issues and that alone can trigger one. Stress, hormones and not enough sleep can bring them on. Advil really does not cut it for me anymore. I have tried a few prescription meds from the Dr recently that worked pretty well at knocking them out but they are very expensive. When I was pregnant with both of my children I had SEVERE migraines a few times a week.
    Good Luck with finding relief.

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    Hi, I just stumbled across your blog and was drawn to this post. I’m an OT and have worked in a chronic pain/headache clinic and have had the opportunity to learn a lot about headache management. The most drastic change/story I’ve seen is that of a friend of mine. I had begun seeing a naturopath for my boys asthma/allergies, etc. and our whole family was diagnosed with candida or an overgrowth of yeast in our bodies. My son’s asthma and allergic reactions/add behavior reduced almost immediately when we cut sugar, gluten and starches out of our diet. A friend of mine had near daily migraines. Her children also suffered from allergies, food sensitivities. She decided to give the diet and naturopathic remedies (antifungal homeopathics) a try. Within one week, she had NO HEADACHES! This is after 10+ years of seeing neurologists and pain clinics. Many, many people have gluten and starch intolerances as sugar and starch feed yeast and cause all kinds of symptoms, headache being only one of them. I just felt compelled to tell you this to possibly give you and your kids another avenue to explore. It’s worked wonders for us and those we know. Good luck to you.

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    How awful that your children have migraines at such young ages, but so glad you have found OTC meds to help with them. I was finally diagnosed with them six years ago (though in hindsight I had been having them for at least ten years before that) OTC meds no longer do anything for mine (thank goodness for insurance!) I hope your children eventually out-grow them.

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