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 Last weekend about this time I was preparing for a party with lots of local blogger friends.  We ate, talked, and got to know a little about the Shutterfly microsite Family Photo Day.  If you follow me on instagram, facebook, or twitter you may have seen the following pictures before.  But just in case you missed our fun, here is a brief recap for you. 


I brought the goodies shown above foreveryone. was super nice enough to provide us with a food allowance.  The fun?  That was up to us!  We chose Buca di Beppo as our party headquarters.  They are not paying or perking me in any way but I have to say it was awesome.  It is a family style restaurant where you order big plates of food and everyone can try a little.  I had lots of dishes I had never tasted before and it was amazing.  The table was huge and ROUND so everyone could talk and mingle.  The only thing was the pope’s bust was in the center of the table.  He always seemed to be watching our every move…ha….



We checked out Shutterfly’s lastest cards, learned about their CardWorthy photo contest, and in general had a fabulous time.

As you can tell, the restaurant was a little eclectic in decor as well.  We embraced it and it became part of the fun of eating there.  

There was even enough food for some doggie bags!  Gotta love that!  I just love getting together with people that understand why I write this little blog everyday.  There is something so refreshing and energizing about our little blog get togethers.  

Plus it just so happened to be Deneen’s birthday!  Of course we insisted on telling the waiter and Deneen got an amazing song and dance routine.  Y’all really should ask her about it…  :)



If you missed it, I gave away a $100 gift certificate to Shutterfly a few weeks back.  The winner is announced here but was Patricia B.   A huge thank you to Shutterfly for sponsoring our latest event.  Y’all head over and follow then in any of the following places…just to show em we love em!


I hope y’all can get together with your friends for a little party this holiday season.  Take a minute for you to celebrate friendship.  You will thank me for suggesting it.  Trust me.  You will get a refreshing boost just from the fun!
I am part of the Mom It Forward blogger network.  Shutterfly compensated me for my participation.  All opinions and text are my own. 



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