Bird Seed Monogram

 Grab the kids and make one more craft together before the end of summer.  This bird seed monogram is a wonderful addition to the outdoors.  It is easy for kids to make plus the birds will love this little gift once you hang it in a tree.  This tutorial was originally posted over at Crafts Unleashed but I am posting it here in case you missed it.   

Bird Seed Monogram -- a fun craft project that the kids will love.  Make this bird feeder together then watch the birds!

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Globe Solar Light

 It is time once again for my monthly post using items from Old Time Pottery.  This month is a project I love!  My globe solar light is sure to be the star of your garden or outdoor area.  You can make these easily with common items.  Give your outdoors a makeover and light up the night with these simple solar lights.

Globe Solar Light -- make this fun light for your outdoor space with just a few supplies. [Read more...]

Make this: Outdoor Serving Tray

 I made this outdoor serving tray for the DecoArt blog over a year ago.  It has held up so well and has been so useful around our home that I thought I would share it here today.   I am a part of the DecoArt design team however all projects and opinions are my own.  Are you ready to make your own version of this outdoor serving tray?  I promise it is not as hard as it looks!

Make this Outdoor Serving Tray -- turn a thrift store tray into a fun accessory for your outdoor entertaining area with these instructions.

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Backyard Teepee from #dollargeneral

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I always like to throw in a few projects in the summer that my kids will enjoy.  This backyard teepee idea was one of those.  My son loved helping with this project.  He is nine and loves to build things so this one was perfect.  You can assemble this entire teepee in less than 30 minutes with no tools and all with items from Dollar General.  You think that is impossible?  Let me show you that it is in fact possible!

Backyard Teepee from Dollar General -- a fun way to spend an hour and build a teepee in your backyard. Let the summer fun roll with this project the kids can join in!

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Ombre Log Table for Outdoors

 I have a fun afternoon project for you this morning.  My ombre log table for outdoors is a quick and easy project that will add a touch of fun to any outdoor space at your home.  Yep we are turning just a regular log into a fun table with just a little paint.  Make sure to tell everyone you know that you are looking for a log this year.  I am a member of the DecoArt design team and this post is in conjunction with that.  All projects and opinions are my own however.  This project was posted last year over at the DecoArt blog but I wanted to put it here as well in case y’all missed it.

Ombre Log Table -- take a log from any tree and turn it into a fun outdoor table with this craft tutorial.


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Make this: Hexagon Wind Chimes

 I have a fun way to make your own hexagon wind chimes today.  This is part of the Craft Lightning series where I post a 15 minute craft every morning.  Then every afternoon I post a round up of quick crafts from around the web.  If you want a chance to be featured, there is still time to link up YOUR quick crafts to our Craft Lightning linky party.    For today’s project, I wanted to do an outdoor craft with my DecoArt Patio Paints.  I am on their design team which is amazing but as always all projects and opinions you see here are all mine.  Hexagons are becoming super popular and I see them everywhere.  Here a simple hexagon pencil cup becomes hexagon wind chimes with this craft tutorial.
If you missed any of the Craft Lightning fun, be sure to check out the quick crafts from day 1, day 2, day 3, and day 4.

Make this:  Hexagon Wind Chimes -- a super simple way to make your own wind chimes this summer.

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Outdoor Projects to Complete this Weekend

Grab an idea below for an outdoor project to complete this weekend.  Make a fabulous addition to your outdoor decor or work in the yard.  Either way there is an idea below that will help you.  I know we have been working away on our own curb appeal around here.  I thought maybe a few of my projects and a couple from some blog friends might inspire y’all to kick off your own summer outdoor plans.

Outdoor Projects to Complete This Weekend -- a collection of outdoor projects that you can kick off this weekend. [Read more...]

Gaining Curb Appeal

gaining curb appeal

Would you like a reminder of my shameful before? You can see more pictures and details of the before by clicking here.

How did I go from that before and after so successfully? Spectracide Weed and Grass Killer. You can see more about how I used the product to kill the weeds and not the flowers in this post.

So I started with the Spectracide and my awful before. I used it to kill the weeds down to the root. I then covered the entire area in landscape fabric and added a layer of pine straw over the top.

gaining curb appeal-001

I added in rocks from our creek as an interesting border as well. I think it adds some dimension up against the sidewalk.

gaining curb appeal-003

The plants have already grown since I have taken these pictures and I am well on my way to a gorgeous landscape and gaining curb appeal. Are you working on your curb appeal this spring? Be sure to visit the Spectracide facebook page for great offers and coupons. Let them help you gain the curb appeal of your dreams.

gaining curb appeal-004

Whether you’ve started your sping yard work or still need inspirtation, get to the  Spectracide Facebook page for more tips and savings!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Spectracide. The opinions and text are all mine.


Kill Weeds NOT Flowers

killing weeds during

I started with a coupon printed from the Spectracide facebook page and I headed to Walmart. I picked up the Spectracide Weed and Grass Killer shown below.

killing weeds during-002

Yep you can use that in your flower beds. HOW?? (You might scream.) Well the product only works on what you spray it ON and does not get into the ground. This particular bottle also requires a sprayer as it needs to be mixed with water.

killing weeds during-001

You can also give the ready to spray version a try if you do not want to mix your own. I tried out both actually and had great results both ways.

killing weeds during-003

Next you are going to need your supplies. Mine included the hose because if you accidently get the product on any of your precious flowers be sure to wash it off immediately with water. I also had a box so I could cover any flowers that were really close to weeds. A few rags will be handy as well especially if your sprayer drips a bit.

killing weeds during supplies

Are you all patiently waiting some before and after pictures? For the major before pictures you need to go back to my first post where I screamed for landscape help. But Spectracide Weed and Grass Killer came to my rescue y’all. Now my before and after looks a little like his.


That weed didn’t last 24 hours after being sprayed and yes it is right next to healthy thriving flowers. I went around my entire flower bed happily spraying weeds and then watching them fade away over the next couple of days. Want some more proof? Lets look at a time lapse this time.

killing weeds during-004killing weeds during-005killing weeds during-006

Yep I even used the product along the cracks in my sidewalk. I was extremely pleased with how everything looked after a few days. I had a flower bed that I could actually work in and make gorgeous. Now that is progress! Plus the weeds are dead down to the root so I don’t have to worry about those coming back.

killing weeds during-007

Y’all stay tuned as I take this flower bed to gorgeous over the next few weeks with the help of Spectracide Weed and Grass Killer. Plus this time it will stay gorgeous all summer long thanks to the extended action of the weed killer and the fact that I can apply the product through out the season. My curb appeal is coming right along so don’t miss the big reveal.

To all of my yard warriors, whether you are after a total yard overhaul or just want to keep your yard looking its best, visit the Spectracide Facebook page for tips and savings to get started.  

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Spectracide. The opinions and text are all mine.