Fall Decor and Crafts

Fall decor and crafts with The Country Chic Cottage.


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  1. Dora Reece says

    I found this on Facebook at 5:23am this morning.I was awake again for 4 or 5th time tonight.I have had breast cancer three times since 1999 and my last bout in 2010 when I had a total mastectomy.I love the ideas you have listed here and I believe that a lot of my aunts and friends will enjoy,so I am going to share with all of them.Thank you and I love the ideas you have come up with.There are some things on here that I am just going to have to try.I used to do a lot of different crafts and I sewed and I made food baskets for friends but with all my problems and not feeling so good I have given up a lot of this stuff.But you have some really neat ideas that I think I am going to have to try and do some of them. Thank You.

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