Hot Glue Crafts

Warm up your hot glue guns for these great crafts!

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    I have a ‘hot glue’ question. I created a wine bottle marble night light light. Inside the bottle are the craft 20 string of lights from Hobby Lobby, the bottle does get quit hot, but you can pick it up and hold it.

    Admittedly I used some glue sticks that I had forever and I don’t remember if they were low or high temp. My SIL loves it and I know she turns it on everyday, since last July 2013.
    I asked for it back it drill a hole in the backside, to re-direct the light cord, currently comes out of the top. At that time I didn’t know about drilling glass

    A quarter of the marbles are just popping off, not in a consistent pattern. I used flat and round marbles. Yes, most of the ones popping off are round, but flat ones have too. I’ve made several of these, but with a multi-temp glue stick.

    Did I mess up? I have glued one marble to a bottle, multi-temp glue and turn it on all day. The glue does seem a little soft, but the marble is still holding. Yesterday, I purchase hi-temp glue sticks and E-6000 glue, I’m think of using the E-6000, but it takes so long to cure.
    Do you think the glue I used was bad or incorrect temp? Any advise?


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