How to Sew a Bolster Pillow

 If you have ever wanted to learn how to sew a bolster pillow, this post is for you!  Plus I have a super simple way to add words to a pillow. Nope that is not embroidery.  I will spoil the surprise for y’all.  My secret is glue!  Amazing right?  This post is actually sponsored by Elmer’s Products as I joined onto their craft crew for 2015.  The project is entirely mine as are any opinions.

How to sew a bolster pillow -- make this great pillow for St. Patrick's Day or change up the word and color for anytime of the year.  Full instructions for making and sewing this great pillow!
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Chevron Stripe Pillow Cover

 This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrogTape Brand Painter’s Tape for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I thought I would add a chevron stripe pillow cover to my craft room.  Yes a chevron stripe pillow.  Just a few stripes not the entire pillow.  How do you get just a few chevron stripes on fabric?  FrogTape® Shape Tape™ of course!  You can see more in this FrogTape how-to about the amazing FrogTape® Shape Tape™.  Now lets make one great chevron stripe pillow cover.


Chevron Stripe Pillow -- use special shaped tape to make chevron stripes on a fun pillow cover.

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Handmade Gift — Tractor Applique Pillow

I am here with two weeks of handmade gifts and we are kicking things off with a great tractor applique pillow.  This one was originally posted at The Ribbon Retreat but I thought it would make a fabulous Christmas gift.  My little boy loves it that is for sure.  You can use this same method to applique anything you can imagine for a handmade gift for anyone in the family. 

Tractor Applique Pillow -- see how to make this great pillow for your little guy!

 To make an applique pillow you will need:
  • Tractor silhouette image (or any other image you wish to use)
  • Red Chevron Fabric (cause my boy believes real tractors are red!)
  • Black Fabric
  • White Fabric
  • Grey Fabric
  • Fusible Interfacing
  • Black Thread
  • Red Thread 
Tractor Applique Pillow -- see how to make this great pillow for your little guy!

Cut out your tractor into pattern pieces.  I removed the window from the tractor and the centers of the wheels for patterns as well.

Tractor Applique Pillow -- see how to make this great pillow for your little guy!

Pin the pattern pieces to the interfacing and cut out.  NOTE:  Be sure not to get your pieces backwards.  Remember the “front ” of the interfacing will be pressed to the backside of your fabric.

Tractor Applique Pillow -- see how to make this great pillow for your little guy!

Fuse the interfacing to your fabric according to the instructions on the interfacing.  Be sure to use steam, a damp pressing cloth, and press for the recommended time.

Tractor Applique Pillow -- see how to make this great pillow for your little guy!

Cut out the pattern pieces from the fabric and layout on your gray fabric.  Pin into place.  You can see I used the red chevron for the tractor body, black for the wheels, and white for the window/inside of the wheels.

Tractor Applique Pillow -- see how to make this great pillow for your little guy!

Use your black and red thread to go around your appliques.  I went slowly and got right on the edge of the fabric.  I used a very short zig zag stitch on my machine and actually went around each piece twice.

Tractor Applique Pillow -- see how to make this great pillow for your little guy!

Cut the gray appliqued fabric and the red chevron to about 1 inch larger then your pillow.  Place right sides together and sew around three sides.  Complete your corners on the fourth side but leave the majority of the pillow open (as shown below).

Tractor Applique Pillow -- see how to make this great pillow for your little guy!

Turn the pillow right side out and push the corners out with your finger.

Tractor Applique Pillow -- see how to make this great pillow for your little guy!

Insert your pillow form or old pillow.

Tractor Applique Pillow -- see how to make this great pillow for your little guy!

Turn under the seam allowance and pin across the bottom.  Sew closed on your sewing machine or by hand.

Tractor Applique Pillow -- see how to make this great pillow for your little guy!

Give your pillow to your little guy to enjoy!

Tractor Applique Pillow -- see how to make this great pillow for your little guy!

I know my little guy is thrilled with his new “tractor”.  What other appliques would you apply for the little boy in your life?

Tractor Applique Pillow -- see how to make this great pillow for your little guy!

This great handmade gift is perfect for anyone on your list.  Stay tuned as the next two weeks I am going to share lots of handmade gift tutorials and ideas with you.  Give handmade this holiday season with this series on The Country Chic Cottage.  For all of my handmade gift ideas, visit our handmade gift gallery page.

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Stay tuned for even more handmade gifts!

How to Make Reversible Pillows from Placemats

I am showing you today how to make reversible pillows from placemats quickly and easily.  A pillow from a placemat?  Oh yes!  The full instructions are over on the Old Time Pottery blog today.  Learn a couple of different techniques for turning a pillow into a placemat.  You will love to make your own pillows after you see my ideas. 

Learn how to make reversible pillows from placemats quickly and easily.  These pillows are so simple anyone can make them!


Doily Pillow in 15 minutes or less

Last day of our series of  15 minute crafts or Crafty Quickies.  I have really enjoyed this series!  I want to thank Carolina from Moore Craft Time for joining me.  Plus another thank you to all the lovely ladies that posted quick crafts with us this week.  Did you miss some of the crafts?  Check out the round ups for day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, or head on over to the linky party for inspiration and to link up YOUR post.
I have already made doily curtains for my living room.  Then I thought a doily pillow would be wonderful.  How do you make a pillow in under 15 minutes?  Read on to find out.

To make a pillow in a jiffy, use a place mat.  I am infatuated with place mat pillows.  Don’t believe me?  Check out these other versions here, here, and here.  They are so quick and easy I can’t help myself.  So for this version you will need a plain place mat (I got mine from the Dollar Tree), paper doilies, paint, and a stencil brush.

First of all, rip a small (3-4 inches) gap in the side or bottom of your place mat with a seam ripper.  Depending on the place mat you choose, you may want to insert some wax paper on the inside to make sure your paint does not bleed through.

Then just lay on your doilies and use your stencil brush to go around them.  I used a wide variety of doilies on mine.  

I love the different versions and how they looked after I stenciled them.  

Then cover the rest of your pillow with the white paint and allow to dry.  The 15 minute crafts this week exclude dry time so that saved me on this one.  

Once it is dry, just remove any wax paper you inserted, stuff with poly-fill, and sew closed that gap you ripped into the seam.

Quick, easy, and oh so unique.  

Stalk your stores for place mats and paper doilies today!

Stay tuned for the last Crafty Quickies round up today and be sure to head on over and link up YOUR projects plus see even more Crafty Quickies!  

March 26-30, 2012
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Chevron Decor with the Plaid Simply Screen #simplyscreen @plaidcrafts

I was recently given the opportunity to review the new Plaid Simply Screen Silk Screen Kit.  This review had me extremely excited!  This kit allows you to make your own silk screens from printed or even hand drawn images.  I dove into my box ready to craft…

 The kit itself comes with 3 size screens, ink, tray, sponge, squeegee, the light and box — everything you need to get started.  The folks at Plaid also sent me refill screens and ink. 

I don’t know about y’all but when I open a box the kids are all around waiting to see what goodies are inside.  As soon as I pulled out the kit, I knew what my first project was going to be.  My son spied a skull and sword t-shirt design on the side of the box.  He had to have it.  :)  So I started my crafting there.  I printed out an image from the net on the paper in my printer. 
Note:  You do not need to reverse your image with this kit and you do not need to use transparencies.  After my experimenting, however, I would look for a lighter weight paper for my next round of crafting.  I believe it would make the images sharper. 
Please if you buy this kit, read all of the instructions and follow them exactly.  But the basics are that you put your image and screen in the light box for 25 minutes.  You them submerge in water and rub until your image is revealed.  My first skull and sword design was pretty basic and worked fairly well.  There were a few edges that were not as sharp as I had hoped.  But I continued on with screen printing.  I found that the ink worked best if I pulled down, right, and left.  The kit actually said to only pull down.  After three shirts, I had my ink application technique down pat.  Plus I had one happy boy….

So I moved on to projects for me.  I picked a fairly detailed mason jar design next.  I followed my previous steps exactly.  Using the same methods to put the paper in the light box, tape it down, expose it, then rub under water.  The detailing on the mason jar came out…how should I say…rustic.  It was good in spots, other spots lifted that should not have lifted, some spots did not lift that should have came off.  It was NOT a perfect screen by any means.  Detailed designs just do not seem to work with this particular kit.  But I did not give up.  My next screen, I used a basic chevron pattern on the largest screen available.  Again following the instructions.  Overall the screen came out very well.  There were a few lines that were not as sharp as I had hoped.  But I continued on with my projects.  First up, a white stocking for $1 purchased at the Dollar Tree.

I applied my screen taping around the edges so it will not move.

I then applied my red ink.  As you can see, the screen only covers a portion of my stocking.  I moved the screen after completing one area until the entire stocking was chevron!

I loved the result and this was definitely a very easy way to get that chevron look.  

So I decided to go for more!  I have yet to jump on the chevron bandwagon.  But I thought a touch of chevron would be tons of fun in my home.  So I found this pillow cover at the Dollar Tree for $1.  It is a tone on tone gray stripe.    

So I used my chevron screen again (yes you can use these screens over and over and over).  I made a subtle white chevron pattern all over the pillow cover.

From certain angles the effect is so subtle you can hardly see it, from others it is bolder.  This is exactly what I had pictured in my head!

The perfect non-traditional addition to my traditional bedroom.

My take on the Plaid Silk Screen Kit:
  • I believe this product has tons of potential.
  • It does have a learning curve before you are going to be able to master this one. 
  • Overly detailed designs are probably not going to come out how you planned.  I hope Plaid works on this aspect some more and comes up with a solution.
  • Product is available at Hobby Lobby for about $40 for the kit.  In comparison with the competitors, this is a very reasonable price.  If you are going to buy this and try it out, I would recommend picking up a package of refill screens along with your kit.  It may take you 2-3 screens before you get the hang of creating a screen.
  • Ink takes a very long time to dry on fabric (24 hours).  And you have to wait 72 hours before hand washing.  I mention cause I am not a patient person.  :)
  • Screen has to be exposed in the light box for a full 25 minutes.  Again if you are not a patient crafter be prepared.
  • You cannot expose the screens to light before placing them and your design in the light box.  This means working in a dark barely lit room.  I got the hang of it after just a bit.  
  • Screens come in three sizes: 6.7 in x 8.4 in, 6.7 in x 9.2 in or 7.5 in x 10.2 in.   So the largest screen is not even a full size sheet of paper.  I handled this by moving the screen around my project and using it multiple times.  

    Overall I loved playing around with this kit and got some great projects out of it.  With a few improvements, this could be a really great product.  Right now if you have a simple design that you need to reproduce multiple times, this kit might just be for you!
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Visit the rest of the ladies reviewing this product and get their take on it!
Plaid sent me the product to review.  All opinions and ideas are 100% mine!

Autumn Pillow from a placemat

I have an infatuation with the super easy placemat pillow.  I made one here and here…and guess what?  I am at it again!  This time an autumn pillow from a placemat…a super simple 5 minute craft that you will love… 

You will need a placemat, seam ripper, and poly-fil.  And something to sew closed the opening you are going to make.  You could even hot glue it if this pillow is just for looks. 

I got my placemat at Big Lots.  It was on sale for $2.30.  :)  Now that is a budget friendly pillow! 

Use your seam ripper to make a hole in one side.  Just big enough to stuff your pillow through…

Start stuffing with poly-fil until you like the way it looks… 

Then just sew your opening closed with your sewing machine or by hand.  Or use some hot glue…I won’t tell… 

To make a pillow with this much detail from scratch would take hours.  This craft will take you 5 minutes but you can impress all your friends with your craftiness… 

These are cheap and easy enough — you can have one (or more) for every season!  Get to the store and pick out your placemats today! 


make a pillow from a placemat

Courdoroy Pillow from a JACKET!

Okay to me a courdoroy pillow SCREAMS fall!!  So I just had to try one out.  Then I saw this courdoroy jacket for $2.50 at the thrift store.  Deep dark chocolate brown!!  Oh yes…my victim was choosen.  I turned that jacket into a courdoroy throw pillow..with a pocket and buttons I might add…

I snapped a few pics for a tutorial but there is a major flaw.  The directions totally depend on your jacket.  So I scrapped the tutorial.  Instead I am going to give some hints to get you started.  I wanted to keep one pocket and the two buttons.  Decide FIRST what you want to keep. 

My jacket was flaired — the waist was smaller than the rest.  I found it easiest to make those seams straight fromthe very beginning.  I literally went one seam at a time.  Starting with the left, then the bottom, then the right, and finally the top.  I worked with the pillow form I was going to use.  Use lots of pins to mark where you are going to sew.  The last seam I sewed the pillow INSIDE…how you ask??  Those magic buttons…

Oh yes they still open up!  They are the opening to get my form in and out.  Now isn’t that clever??  So after I sewed my last seam.  I unbuttoned my coat, took the form back out, turned the cover right side out, and put the form back in!!

The back is not near as fancy.  Just some straight seams that were already on the jacket…

I heart my new little pillow!!  This one is definitely NOT a no sew project.  And might give a beginning sewer hives.  But I know y’all can do this!

But I bet you will never look at a jacket the same way again!!

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Dye Fabric with Tea {A Thriftstore Pillow Makeover}

I found a gorgeous creamy white pillow at the thrift store!  It has a gorgeous quilted front and I loved it!!  But I wanted it to be a deeper cream color.  So I used tea to dye the fabric.  Yep a thriftstore pillow makeover just for you!  Here it is all finished and on my bed…

This is the before picture.  Okay this was soooo hard to capture the effect in pictures.  But I will attempt to explain…

First of all this is a PILLOW not a pillow cover.  And I wanted to dye it with tea.  So I made my tea using two tea bags.  And swabbed it right on my pillow using a few wadded up paper towels.  Scientific method I know.  I let it sit for a bit (5 minutes or so) then threw the entire thing in the wash.  Worked like a charm!!

The final effect is a darker, creamier color.  Oh and just look at that stitching…can you see the tea stain in this picture??  Maybe a little??

I think you can really tell if you compare the stark white of the roll pillow with the creamy color of the thriftstore pillow behind it.  Tea…that is all it takes!  And you have that in your cabinet!!

Want further info on the other pillows on my bed??
So this was my first tea dye adventure and I see many, many more in my future!!
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Make your Own Pouf { Ottoman }: HINT – Coffee Sack Home Decor!!

I did it!!  I made my own pouf — aka ottoman!  Now you can make your own pouf too!  The Nester blogged about em a while back and made me think “hey I could make that”.  Then my better homes and gardens magazine came…oh yes…a pouf with INSTRUCTIONS on how to make your own!! 

Image courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens
They suggested making one with burlap.  Wellll…I have a ton of burlap coffee sacks.  Seemed like the ideal project don’t ya think??  So here she is….

Side story…I was almost done with her….loving every minute of it and dreaming of it being in my living room.  My son walks in…gasps…and says “is that for me??”  Course I said yes.  And I am sure it will wind up in his room before long…sigh…good thing they are easy enough to make more!!

I am not going to recreate a tutorial here.  Seriously Better Homes and Gardens does a fab job and the instructions are clear and easy to follow.  Print em out and get to work!

I will give ya a few pointers..or lessons learned.  If you are using coffee sack…don’t wash em.  Sigh…they don’t wash well and make a mess of your washer…lesson learned…you get the benefit!

I double stiched each seam on my sewing machine.  Call me safe if you wish.  I did the straight stitch as the instructions called for then went right back with a zig zag stitch right next to it.  Both with upholstry thread.  Then you also hand stitch for decoration at the end.  Seriously it seems ultra strong!!

Save your fabric scraps!!  Most of the stuffing (about 2/3) is just whatever you have lying around.  That really makes this project ROCK!!  And it works great!!  You still need the EXTRA large bag of stuffing from Wal-mart.  But the scraps will save you a bundle!  Plus you put your scraps in the bottom/middle.  So it makes the bottom heavier which makes it stable when you sit on it.  Awesome I am telling ya!!  Works like a charm!

I used three full size coffee sack for my pouf.  It took most of them to make it.  The rest got stuffed inside! :)  I used various pieces…love the graphics and colors!!  You can absolutely go plain burlap…or any fabric…and yes I have more pouf plans swimming in my head!!

I have a lot of other projects I need to tackle in the living/family room but this piece is a perfect addition for the vibe I want!!

Rustic, interesting, yet comfy!!

I even used one piece that already had a hole in it!!  The pattern is fully lined with an OLD sheet!!  :)  Love that!!  So rustic holes are TOTALLY allowed!! 

Download your instructions and patterns from Better Homes and Gardens today!!  I can tell you from experience….you can do this!!

Are you ready to jump on the pouf bandwagon??

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