Painted Bowl Planter

 If you are looking for a unique idea for planting your spring and summer flowers, look no further then this painted bowl planter.  Find a bowl at the thrift store to transform into the fabulous creation.  If you have some paint and a potato, you can make this craft.  Did I just say potato?  Oh yes I did!

Painted Bowl Planter -- transform a thrift store bowl into a great alternative for your indoor or outdoor plants.          [Read more…]

Slate Cheese Tray

 I love a good cheese tray at a party.  You can make this great slate cheese tray for your parties in just a few minutes.  The colorful strips are chalkboard so you can write in the types of cheeses for your guests.  Choose the colors that match your party or home decor.  

Slate Cheese Tray -- add colorful chalkboard stripes to the edge with this method and have a slate cheese tray for your next party!   [Read more…]

Make Your Own Scratch and Sniff Stickers

 Did you know that you can make your own scratch and sniff stickers?  Oh yes!  And it is so simple to do!  You will have these amazing stickers all over your home after you get addicted to making them one right after another.  This post is sponsored by Online Labels however all projects and opinions are my own.

make your own scratch and sniff stickers      [Read more…]

Beach Themed Shadowbox Art

 I have a treat for all of you seashell and nautical lovers today!  I am sharing my beach themed shadowbox art plus I am participating in a blog hop with tons more beach themed ideas for y’all.  Read through my instructions on how to make this craft first then scroll to the bottom to get more ideas for your home.       

Beach Themed Shadowbox Art -- a fun nautical themed art for your home.  Add in shells and beach treasures from your vacation!

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Make Your Own Marbled Terra Cotta Pots

You can make your own marbled terra cotta pots in just minutes with the super simple directions below.  This post is sponsored by DecoArt however all projects and opinions are my own. Visit the DecoArt Chalky Finish website for more chalk paint ideas and inspiration.  Change up the colors and make some planters that you will love to have around your home.  You can also enter a great contest sponsored by Decoart.  Click here to enter and get more information.

Make these marbled terra cotta pots for your home -- step by step instructions to make your own easily!    

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Garden Gift in a Jar

 For the final day of summer mason jar week, I am sharing a fun garden gift in a jar.  This is a gift and also a planter y’all!!  Before we get to the instructions, if you want to see more summer jar crafts from my partners for this series, be sure to scroll down to the end of this post.  This is a part of a mason jar craft contest as well and you can find more information on that as well as see the entries on Crafts with Jars.  I am also entering this one into a contest sponsored by Expressions Vinyl and I am part of the Etchall Ambassador team so both of those products were given to me free of charge.  All opinions and projects are my own however.

   Garden gift in a jar -- gift gardening supplies in a jar that is super simple to etch yourself.  After the gift has been given, the recipient can also use this as a mason jar planter.           [Read more…]

Mason Jar Tote Bag

I am continuing on with summer mason jar week today and making a cute mason jar tote bag that is perfect for the beach and more.  Plus this is actually super easy to make yourself.  Don’t miss the other mason jar crafts at the bottom of this post from my partners for this series.  Now lets make one amazing tote bag!

Make this mason jar tote bag! A quick and easy project that you will love to show off! [Read more…]

Beach Mason Jars

There are a ton of mason jar snow globes around but I thought I would put a summer spin on the same idea.  These beach mason jars are a fun addition to your home decor.  You can also add them to a nautical themed room for kids or even a bathroom.  Grab a few supplies and make your own in just minutes.  This one was originally posted over at Crafts Unleashed but I am posting here in case y’all missed it.  This is part of a series of mason jar crafts that I am sharing all week.  You can see more from my partners for this series at the bottom of this post.

Beach Mason Jar Terrariums -- the perfect way to decorate for summer! Add any miniatures you love! [Read more…]

Wood Pallet Sign — no sawing or nailing required!

 Have you ever wanted to make a huge wood pallet sign but were scared of all of that sawing and nailing?  What if I tell you there is a way to make this huge 4 foot by 4 foot sign with no sawing or nailing required.  You would jump on that opportunity right?  This post is sponsored by Cedar Safe however all projects and opinions are my own.  Y’all will be happy to know that a box of these cedar planks is under $30 at Home Depot so this is a super affordable project as well.  I would get two boxes to make sure that you have enough to make this extra large sign.

Make this cedar wood pallet sign.  I love that there is no sawing or nailing required!  So easy!!

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Succulent Planters from Clay

 You can make your own mini succulent planters from clay in just minutes.  Clay is one of my favorite crafting mediums because it is just so easy to use.  Bake your project at the end and you will have something that lasts for years in your home.  Grab some clay and experiment with the project below and more.  You will love it!  This project was originally posted over at Consumer Crafts however I am posting here in case y’all missed it.  

Succulent planters from clay --- easy to make simply adorable!                [Read more…]