Vintage Map Tray

 Recycling to me also means saving those thrift store finds.  Here I created a vintage map tray from a thrift store tray plus an old book of railroad maps.  The results are an amazing and classic serving tray that can be used year round.  If you have missed any of our 15 minute crafts this week, be sure to catch up with day 1.  You can scroll down and see today’s Craft Lightning posts from our partners at the bottom of this post as well.  Now lets get crafty!

     Make this vintage map tray including pouring epoxy to make a glass like surface.    [Read more…]

Metallic Mason Jar Art

 I have an adorable project for you today y’all.  My metallic mason jar art uses thin sheet metal that can be cut into shapes and embossed.  Such a cute way to show your love for mason jars.  I received the supplies for this project from an event I went to at CHA and the project itself is entered into a contest.  Otherwise the project and opinions on this post are my own.  

Metallic mason jar art -- make this art for your home with thin sheet metal. It is easier than you think! [Read more…]

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

 I am going to share with you some of my rustic farmhouse kitchen decor today.  Plus you have a chance to win a $100 Walmart gift card at the bottom of this post.  Finding rustic style at Walmart?  Oh yes you can!  This is part of a year long series of posts promoting the Better Homes and Gardens collection at Walmart.  I have found so many great products both online and in stores and I am so excited to share even more of those with you today.

Get great rustic kitchen decor ideas here -- ideas on storage, decor and more all with a rustic twist!

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Mason Jar Pallet Art

 If you have been around here any time at all, you know that I love mason jars.  When I needed a bit of new art in my kitchen, I created this fun mason jar pallet art to go in that spot.  Y’all can totally make this as well.  Just follow along below with my steps to make some pallet art of your own.  You can paint on the mason jar like my version or anything else that fits with your home.  

Mason jar pallet art -- make this home decor art for your home or as a gift for any mason jar lover!

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Family Room Decor Ideas

 There have been some changes around our family room over the past six months or so and I never got around to sharing them here.  I thought I would share our family room decor ideas.  Really just an organization system and a new gallery wall.  But I thought y’all might enjoy seeing where some of these blog projects end up.

  family room decor ideas


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Wood Quilt Square Knock Off

 Do you love that catalog look but hate the price?  That is where a knock off comes in.  My wood quilt square knock off is based on the Pottery Barn original.  It looks like a bunch of small wood pieces that are fitted together right?  I am here to tell you that this can be made without cutting any wood.  Amazed?  Then be sure to keep reading to find out how to make your own.  This post is a part of my design team status with DecoArt however all projects and opinions are my own.    

Wood Quilt Square Pottery Barn Knock Off -- make this wall art for a fraction of the cost of the original!

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Using Crackle Medium with Chalky Finish Paint

 So DecoArt also makes a crackle medium to go with their chalky finish paint.  I just had to give it a try and see what it would do.  Y’all follow along below as I share my adventures in using crackle medium with chalky finish paint.  This is a part of my design team status with DecoArt however all projects and opinions are my own.

Using crackle medium with chalky finish paint -- see how to make this chevron art with a rustic feel and learn more about crackle medium.         

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Cross Stitch Sign on Wood

 Cross stitch was my very first ever true “craft” that I learned.  So seeing it come back in new ways lately had me itching to do a project.  This one however doesn’t take nearly as long!  My cross stitch sign on wood can be made in just minutes.  This is a part of the design competition with my Cricut Explore however I am not compensated for this post. 

  Make your own cross stitch sign on wood using vinyl and your Cricut Explore.  

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Farmhouse Style Mud Room Organization and Ideas

 I was challenged by Better Homes and Gardens this month to make my home holiday ready and they are sponsoring this post.  For me the flurry of holiday guests sends me into nesting and organization mode.  Around our home, the guests all feel free to just pop in the back door.  Which means instead of entering through our foyer they are coming in through the mud room.  Hmmm…not exactly holiday ready y’all.  So I made it my mission to organize, clean up, and make my mud room ready for any holiday celebration that happens at our home.  

Mud Room Organization and Ideas -- incorporate these farmhouse style ideas into your own home!

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Making a Barn Wood Frame

 I have been secretly working on my mud room for a few weeks now and this week is the big reveal.  I am going to start with a few project posts then I will show you the entire room.  One of the first projects I tackled was making a barn wood frame.  You see I had this plain old builder grade mirror.  You know the one with those awful clips that hold it on the wall?  Well it was time to say bye to those clips and hello to gorgeous farmhouse style.  If you want to be inspired by even more rustic wood projects, be sure to scroll to the end of this post.

 Making a barn wood frame for a mirror -- turn a plain builder grade mirror into something with farmhouse style!

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