Farmhouse Style Foyer and Bookshelf

 I completed the decor in my foyer….well….at least for now!  I thought I would share my farmhouse style foyer plus a great farmhouse style bookshelf I found that y’all will love.  This post is sponsored by WalMart and the Better Homes and Gardens collection of products however all projects and opinions are my own.

Farmhouse style bookshelf in a foyer that you really must see!  Click to get all of the details!

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Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal

 I was challenged by the Better Homes and Gardens collection at Walmart to work on my bedroom this month.  I have some awesome rustic farmhouse bedroom decor ideas for y’all.  This post is sponsored however all projects and opinions are my own.  I am in love with the changes in our master bedroom and I know you can find some ideas to use in your own home.  Don’t miss the $100 Walmart gift card giveaway at the bottom of this post as well.

Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Decor -- get great ideas here for a rustic farmhouse bedroom on a budget. Mix vintage and new items for a gorgeous space in your home.
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Metallic Painted Pineapple Fruit Bowl

 Ever have one of those projects you adore?  That is the case with this metallic painted pineapple fruit bowl.  This post is sponsored by DecoArt however all opinions and projects are my own.  I am using the Americana Multi-Surface paint that is available in Michaels. Visit the DecoArt Multi-Surface website for more crafting ideas and inspiration.


Paint a wood bowl or anything else with a metallic sheen -- click here to see how!

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Found Object Ornaments

 I love grabbing “junk” from the thrift store and turning it into something useful.  That was totally the case with these found object ornaments.  The beauties didn’t cost me much but boy are they going to look amazing once the tree gets put up in a few weeks.


Found Object Ornaments -- grab any gorgeous objects from your home or the thrift store and turn them into ornaments in minutes!
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Farmhouse Style Mud Room Organization and Ideas

 I was challenged by Better Homes and Gardens this month to make my home holiday ready and they are sponsoring this post.  For me the flurry of holiday guests sends me into nesting and organization mode.  Around our home, the guests all feel free to just pop in the back door.  Which means instead of entering through our foyer they are coming in through the mud room.  Hmmm…not exactly holiday ready y’all.  So I made it my mission to organize, clean up, and make my mud room ready for any holiday celebration that happens at our home.  

Mud Room Organization and Ideas -- incorporate these farmhouse style ideas into your own home!

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Make Your Own Vintage Labels

 Do you love vintage labels on old bottles and containers?  Grab some kraft paper labels from Online Labels to make your own vintage look-a-like labels in minutes.  I have the free printables for you below and you can use some ink to distress the edges.  Follow along with the instructions below to make your own vintage labels. 

vintage labels-007

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Lavender in a Mason Jar

Add a gorgeous air freshener to any room by putting lavender in a mason jar.  The idea for this started when Carolina from 30 Minute Crafts and myself made this video with 10 gifts in a jar.  She added lavender to a jar in the video for a fun gift and I thought the idea was brilliant.  I had tons of lavender in my flower garden so I was ready to go.

Lavender in a Mason Jar -- add lavender to a squat mason jar for a gorgeous and frangrant addition to any room.

First I added the lavender to the jar by pulling it off of the stems.

Lavender in a Mason Jar -- add lavender to a squat mason jar for a gorgeous and frangrant addition to any room.

Carolina used just fabric on top of her jar but I wanted to be a little different.  I had a vintage handkerchief in my stash so I grabbed it.  I bundled it up and secured with a rubber band to make it the proper size to fit on my jar.

Lavender in a Mason Jar -- add lavender to a squat mason jar for a gorgeous and frangrant addition to any room.

I then put it rubber band side down on the jar and added the band of the lid around it.  I love that puckered look on the top as well.

Lavender in a Mason Jar -- add lavender to a squat mason jar for a gorgeous and frangrant addition to any room.

This lavender in a mason jar now resides in my bathroom where I can appreciate its amazing scent.  I just shake the jar occasionally to stir up the smell.  What do you use lavender for in your home?  I have a ton more and need a way to use it y’all.


Lavender in a Mason Jar -- add lavender to a squat mason jar for a gorgeous and frangrant addition to any room.


Framing Vintage Quilt Squares

A few weeks back I framed some vintage quilt squares as art in my bathroom.  I realized I never shared it with y’all so I thought I would show it off a bit today.  They make me smile every time I walk past them.  That is the kind of art I want in my home.  Don’t you?

Frame vintage quilt squares as art in your home.

I just took a couple of quilt squares given to me by a great friend.  I found some chunky wide frames at the thrift store that they would fit in.  Then I gave the frames a bit of a white wash for a worn look.  


Frame vintage quilt squares as art in your home.

I just added in the quilt squares then put my art on my bathroom wall.  They live right beside my vintage cabinet in that room and I love the quirkiness that this area gives to my home.  It is the perfect place to display some vintage treasures.

Frame vintage quilt squares as art in your home.

Do you frame anything odd or unusual as art?  Vintage quilt squares are my weakness.  I look at every one as a piece of art.

Breakfast for Two Vintage Tablescape with @MollAnderson #seductivetables #cbias

Looking for a romantic date with your sweetheart but don’t think you have the time?  Why not set up a sweet tablescape for two and eat breakfast together?  My tablescape is vintage inspired cause…well…y’all know that is what I love.  But I am going to show you what I used to build my table so you can seduce your sweetheart at breakfast or anytime. 

The secret to my tablescape lies in the wonderful advice of Moll Anderson.  Moll is a lifestyle and romance expert who can show you how to entertain at home.  Her book Seductive Tables for Two is a large collection of tablescapes, picnics, and recipes meant to inspire romance.  It is full of tips, tricks, and advice for creating your own seductive table.  


 I poured over my own copy of Seductive Tables for Two and developed a plan for my own romantic meal.  You see through the book I began to realize that a romantic meal can be anywhere at anytime.  It is really a book for every season and all times of the day.  I decided on breakfast because at a minimum we can get up early and enjoy a little alone time.  I went shopping for essentials like fruit, yogurt, and apple fritters (yes they are essential).  

 I then started building my table.  I decided to go with a vintage theme.  Moll’s book inspired me to look beyond just “table clothes” and to look at fabric in a different light.  I used a few pieces I had plus a few pieces I found while at a thrift store.  Some of you might recognize a few of these linens from an instagram picture.  I layered on a vintage table cloth, what appears to be a pieced quilt top, and what is actually a baby blanket.  It was a wonderful layered look that gave my table softness. 

Speaking of tables, I did not want to set this up on my large dining table.  Seductive Tables for Two also had a list of alternate table ideas for your romantic meals.  This is actually two of those wood TV trays pushed together.  It is the perfect size for a breakfast for two.  Just having the small table makes the meal feel more intimate.  Plus because the meal is not in our normal dining area it made everything feel more special. 

Next up was decorating the table.  I took a cue from these vintage plates that I never ever use.  I adore them but they never seem to fit any occasion.  The floral design is perfect for a romantic vintage tablescape.  I took inspiration off of them for the rest of the table.   

Just one of the things I learned from Seductive Tables for Two is to add unexpected and small elements to your table to add interest.  I brought in a variety of vintage keys to scatter on the table.  Plus who can have a romantic meal without a pair of lovebirds?

I also added a natural element after reading through the book.  Moll suggests adding flowers either from the store or your yard.  I thought there was really no way I could find something in my yard in January.  But Seductive Tables for Two convinced me to look at all natural elements in my yard.  I was skeptical but I went out before heading to the store for flowers.  To my surprise, I found some lovely branches, lavender, and a couple of early blooming buttercups.  My natural centerpiece was complete for zero dollars.  

Moll’s book also suggested some mood lighting for your meal.  I really did not want to go typical and set out candles.  So I came up with the idea of using an old oil lamp to set the romantic mood of our tablescape.  It worked out perfectly plus kept with my vintage vibe.

We enjoyed our fruit and yogurt parfaits in mason jars to keep going with our vintage theme.  They were simply plain yogurt layered with bananas, strawberries, my homemade strawberry freezer jam, and some homemade granola on top.  It was a lovely breakfast for just the two of us.  A time to be alone, relax, and enjoy each other.  I will be keeping my Seductive Tables for Two book handy to inspire even more of these romantic adventures.  Any season, any where, a romantic moment can happen given the right preparation.  

Want to learn more about Moll Anderson?  She has upcoming appearances on Access Hollywood and a radio show is on XM Talk 168 every Saturday at 5:00 pm EST. You can also follow Moll on twitter and facebook

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® #cbias #SocialFabric #SeductiveTables


Thrifty Finds at Bella Rustica

I spent Friday hunting down treasures at Bella Rustica and hanging out with some of my favorite bloggers.  I will be telling y’all all about Bella Rustica later this week.  For now, you can get a little hint from this sign for at least part of what I have in store for you….

I feel blessed to have lived close enough to go to such a great event and meet a group of lovely ladies.  Hang tight and I will share lots of pictures and fun with you soon.  For now, what did I buy?  I did not go looking for anything in particular.  There were tons of thing that I loved and the eye candy was really enough to make anyone melt.  But I really wanted a few pieces to remember the day.

I have wanted a vintage kitchen scale for a long time.  I got this one for $12 which I felt was a really great price.  This one was from a booth ran by Carter’s Creek Station Antiques.  I have not been to their store but I am planning on stopping as soon as I get a chance.  Donna with Funky Junk Interiors actually wrote all about them in a great post full of pictures.

Then I picked up a couple of other items that I don’t know what to do with yet.  Maybe y’all have some ideas?

The first is this rusty metal spool that I fell in love with.  I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day.  That must be a sign it was meant to come home with me right?  It was from a booth ran by Three French Hens.

Plus a bunch of vintage mail from Vintage Junky.  Michelle actually has a great blog too.  That is where I first fell in love with her!  Getting to meet her this weekend was amazing!  I snapped a few pictures of her booth for you as well which I will share in another post.

There you have the spoils from my fabulous day.  Later this week I will share my adventures!