Easter Mason Jars with Washi Tape

 I don’t know if I believe it but y’all Easter is this weekend!  I came up with a fun way to use washi tape to make stickers and thought I would use the technique on some Easter mason jars.  This is a part of my compensated design team work with DecoArt however all projects and opinions are my own.


Easter mason jars -- use washi tape to make shapes that you then add to painted jars.  Perfect for your Easter table!

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Bottle Cap Bunny Recycled Craft

 I am finishing up this recycled craft series with an adorable bottle cap bunny.  Grab those bottle caps and let your kids make some of these cuties!  If you have missed any of our recycled craft fun this week, be sure to check out the round ups from day 1, day 2, day 3, and day 4.  There are also even more recycled crafts linked up at the bottom of this post so be sure to scroll down and see them.

Bottle cap bunny -- a quick and easy craft for kids for Easter!

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Easter Jar Centerpiece from Recycled Pickle Jars

 It is recycled crafts week around here with tons of ideas that take 15 minutes or less to make.  I am going to kick things off with this Easter jar centerpiece made from recycled pickle jars and hot glue.  You can also see even more quick recycled crafts at the bottom of this post from our Craft Lightning partners so don’t miss those.  This post is brought to you by Adtech adhesives as part of a year long series I am doing for them.  Be sure to check them out but just to let you know that all projects and opinions are always my own.  

Adorn your Easter table with these jar crafts -- make from recycled pickle jars, hot glue, and tissue paper!  An amazing budget friendly craft!
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5 Minute Painted Easter Eggs

 These 5 minute painted Easter eggs are the perfect quick craft for spring.  Grab a few supplies and make up a dozen or so of these to add to your home decor for Easter.  These are really so quick and easy that you will wonder why you never thought of it before!  This one was originally posted over at Darice but I am publishing here just in case y’all missed it.  


Paint these gorgeous Easter eggs in just 5 minutes with this technique -- I must do some of these this spring!
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Spring Printer’s Tray

 I couldn’t resist sharing my spring printer’s tray here today.  This one was originally posted over at Crafts Unleashed but I usually repost here in case y’all missed it.   I have loved having this touch of spring decor on my mantle for the past few weeks.  It is not too late to make this one as I am going to leave it out all summer long.  Plus it is super easy to make and who doesn’t love a printer’s tray? 


Spring Printer's Tray -- a perfect way to decorate for Spring -- I love the colors in this project!
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Mason Jar Spring Vase

 The week of mason jar crafts over at Crafty Hangouts has come to a close.  I have one last mason jar spring vase video tutorial for you today.  I love the fabric flowers adorning the front of this painted mason jar vase.  It is simple and quick to put together as well.  I love a quick project that is so darn cute.  Another huge thank you to the Ball brand for sponsoring our hangouts all week and providing jars for our event.

Mason Jar Spring Vase -- a quick and easy vase to make with a painted mason jar and fabric flowers.


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Over 20 Fun Easter Desserts

 C’mon spring we are ready for ya!  I have over 20 fun Easter desserts for y’all today.  Click around on the list below and find a fun dessert for your Easter feast.  Adult and kids alike will love these fun creations.  Will you serve up carrots?  Or bunnies?  Maybe flowers?  Whatever you choose I have you covered with the fun Easter desserts below.

Over 20 fun Easter desserts -- a great collection of desserts that will make them say WOW!
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Spring Push Pop Cupcakes

 It may not feel like spring out there but it is here!  Spring is here!  I am going to celebrate a little with my spring push pop cupcakes.  This one was originally posted over at Crafts Unleashed but I thought we would celebrate here a bit as well.  These are super festive and easy to make.  So bring it on spring we are ready for ya!

spring push pop cupcakes

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Carrot Spring Wreath

A fun carrot spring wreath for your home decor at Easter or throughout the spring season.  Make this wreath in just minutes by following the directions below.  This one is super easy and will make a unique statement on your front door.  The cones for our crafting were provided by FloraCraft as part of our Crafty Hangouts series.  

Carrot Spring Wreath -- grab some StyroFoam to make a fun carrot then add to a rectangular wreath.  A fun spring wreath that is cute and unique.

I am joined by Carolina from 30 Minute Crafts in the video below as we craft with StyroFoam crafts from FloraCraft.  What would you make with a cone?  Watch below and see what we make.  Then head to Crafty Hangouts to see even more fun cone crafts.  

Watch the video above for the full instructions.  Here is a brief explanation if you miss any of the instructions in the video:
  1. Cut a StyroFoam ball in half and add to the top of the cone with hot glue.
  2. Cut a piece of felt into a funky or fun shape and stick into the top.  Secure with a little hot glue.
  3. Start wrapping at the very top with orange yarn.  The top will need to be secured in a few places with hot glue so it does not slide off.  After that you can wrap the rest rapidly without securing.
  4. At the bottom use hot glue and quite a bit of yarn to create a carrot “tip”.
  5. Wrap a frame in burlap or strips of any fabric for a wreath form.
  6. Tie the carrot on with jute twine and secure with a little hot glue as well to hold in place.
  7. Tie on a fun spring saying to your wreath as well.
  8. Hang on your door.
Carrot Spring Wreath -- grab some StyroFoam to make a fun carrot then add to a rectangular wreath.  A fun spring wreath that is cute and unique.

Enjoy this carrot spring wreath all season long.  Be sure to see all of the other cone crafts at Crafty Hangouts.  What would you make with a cone for spring?

Carrot Spring Wreath -- grab some StyroFoam to make a fun carrot then add to a rectangular wreath.  A fun spring wreath that is cute and unique.
Portions of the products used in this tutorial were given to me for free for my participation.  All projects and opinions are my own however.


Sweet Treats Free Printable Kit

Y’all Jen Goode from 100 Directions is here again this month with a free printable sweet treats kit that you will love.  This one is perfect for wedding favors or heck just a fun way to give sweet treats to anyone on your list.  There are some major changes happening on this website in case y’all have noticed.  I am ironing things out over the next few days.  Hang onto your hats!

This month’s printable I took on the challenge of creating something to add to your wedding. To me, weddings are so very personal, you have the opportunity to personalize every tiny aspect of your day if you want. So, I wanted to make sure to create something you could add yourself to. I created a tiny treat bag with a selection of embellishment pieces and parts so you can put together every little bag with that special touch that is uniquely your own.

Sweet Treats Free Printable Kit -- perfect for wedding favors or any small gift.  Print these for free and fill them up!

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