Vacation Memory Box

Summer is not complete without some sweet vacation memories.  Store all of those away in a vacation memory box this year.  They can be on display yet still out of sight.  This is also a great project for a camp.  Kids can make their own boxes and then stow away their camp souvenirs before heading home.  This is part of the Craft Lightning camp crafts edition this week.  If you have missed any of the fun, be sure to check out the round up from day 1day 2, and day 3.  If you want a chance to be featured here this week, link up your camp crafts to the Craft Lightning linky party.  Now lets make a box to store some memories.

This post is part of my design team status with DecoArt and I am compensated for my participation.  All projects and opinions are my own however.

Vacation Memory Box --- fill this box with vacation mementos, add the date on the front, and a picture on top.  Your vacation memories can be displayed in any room in your home. [Read more...]

Kitchen Organization Ideas

I have posted a variety of kitchen organization ideas around here over the years.  I decided I would round up the top ideas that actually work in our home.  These ideas are all still functioning in my home today and make our kitchen run smooth.  These are all tried and tested ideas that you can easily replicate for some organization in your own home.

Kitchen Organization Ideas -- ideas for every area in your kitchen -- stay organized and neat! [Read more...]

Organizing Spices in Mason Jars

 Is your spice drawer a mess?  I have a great solution for you!  Organizing spices in mason jars.  However my version has a unique twist with chalkboard that makes this idea even better.  This one was first posted over at the Darice blog however I wanted to share it here in case you missed it.  I have been living with this mason jar spice organizer for over 3 months and it really works for us.  I hope it will work for you as well. 

Organizing spices with mason jars -- learn how to use mason jars and chalkboard paper to organize your spice drawers.  A great kitchen organization idea!

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Refrigerator Command Center

 Everyone that has kids knows that there are schedules and paper everywhere.  In order to keep it all corralled and somewhat organized, I came up with this refrigerator command center.  We had a big empty area on the side of our refrigerator just begging to get clean and organized.  This is a project that won’t take you much time to complete but will reward you with time when you don’t have to search for those pesky doctor reminder cards or the latest sports schedule.

Refrigerator Command Center --  a great way to get your family more organized in the kitchen. [Read more...]

Clean Grout with NO Chemicals

 First of all a huge thank you to the person that built our house and had small tile installed on the kitchen counter tops.  It is a pleasure to clean.  Can you tell I am being sarcastic?  I FINALLY have a quick and easy way to get clean grout with no chemicals.  This has been a battle I have been fighting for over 10 years.  And today my friends I have a solution.  This post is sponsored by HomeRight and I am doing a review of their steam machine.  However I am always honest in my reviews and my opinions below are all truthful.

The Easiest Way to Clean Grout with NO Chemicals -- use steam to clean your grout with this super simple method.

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25 Ways to Clean with Alcohol

 Time for another edition of my all natural cleaning series.  This time we are exploring the cleaning possibilities with rubbing alcohol.  Get 25 ways to naturally clean with alcohol below.  Do you have any other tips and tricks?  Be sure to leave them in the comment section for us.

If you have missed any of our series, check out the ways to clean with vinegar, cream of tartar, peroxide, steam, baking soda, lemon, corn starch, salt and rubbing alcohol.

Cleaning with Alcohol -- get 25 ways to clean naturally with rubbing alcohol all in one place!

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Mason Jar Craft Supply Organizer

 It is day 3 of Craft Lightning and my mason jar craft supply organizer is a quick and easy way to get you organized.  This one was originally posted over at Crafts Unleashed as part of my design team status but I thought I would share it here in case y’all missed it.  If you don’t know what Craft Lightning is, each day this week I will be posting a craft that takes 15 minutes or less to complete.  Then each afternoon I will be posting a round up of quick crafts from around the web.  If you want a chance to be featured, be sure to link up to our Craft Lightning linky party.   Now lets make a quick mason jar craft supply organizer.  
If you missed any of the Craft Lightning fun, be sure to check out the quick crafts from day 1, day 2, day 3, and day 4.

Mason Jar Craft Supply Organizer -- make this organizer quickly and get your craft supplies in order! 

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Fabric Storage Trays

 I am continuing with Crafty Hangouts today by making some fabric storage trays.  These are perfect to make and organize anything in your home.  Our videos are sponsored by Phoomph this week.  What is Phoomphyou might be thinking?  Find out more below and learn how it makes these fabric storage trays so darn simple to make.  Phoomph is a product I personally love and would use even if they were not sponsoring our video series.  Y’all be sure to check them out!    

10 Minute Fabric Storage Tray -- a quick and easy way to make fun storage trays.  Watch a video on how to make by clicking over to this post.

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Craft Room Tours Day 5

It is here!  The final day of our craft room tours.  This has been an amazing series and today is no exception.  You will get tons of inspiration below on organizing and decorating your craft or creative space.  If you have missed any of the fun this week, click here to start back at the beginning of the tour at my craft room where you will find the links to the entire tour.  Now lets see what the ladies today have in store for us.

Organized Craft Room Tour -- a tour of a fabulous craft room with tons of ideas for organization. Plus a ton more craft room tours linked!

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Craft Room Tours Day 4

I can’t believe we are winding down the amazing collection of craft room tours we have had this week.  Today and tomorrow are BIG days with tons of creative areas to get you inspired.  Grab a seat and check out all of the fabulous ladies below as they show off their creative space.  From super organized to amazing decor — we have it all for you today.  If you have missed any of the amazing craft rooms this week, start back at the beginning with my craft room post where every day on the tour is linked.  Y’all enjoy!

Organized Craft Room Tour -- a tour of a fabulous craft room with tons of ideas for organization. Plus a ton more craft room tours linked!

I have always admired the style of Kellie from Nest of Posies and her craft room does not disappoint.  Kelly has a work horse of a room where she makes fabulous creations for her blog and etsy shop.  Anytime you mix vintage mason jars and a pegboard on the same wall you have my attention.  Y’all click on over and see the rest of Kellie’s amazing space.


Vicki from The Creative Goddess is an amazing artist and a friend of mine.  She has a studio that will make your green (and pink!) with envy.  You all just have to see her jewelry making area.  Really.  Go see it now.  Your jaw will drop and you will be making shelves with jars….so many jars!!  Click here to see the full studio tour including that awesome jewelry making table.


What do you do when crafting goes on the road?  You make a mobile craft studio like my friend Eileen Hull!  Eileen is traveling the country this year going to tons of places to teach craft classes and well just have an amazing time.  Y’all are so lucky because today you get a tour of her Scotty craft studio!  Click here to get the full tour and see what Eileen has accomplished so far in this little beauty.  Y’all be sure to follow Eileen as well because if she comes to a town near you — you want to be there!!  

1976_Serro_Scotty_newBobbie with I am Only 1 Woman is joining our tour as well today.  We have had some amazing sewing studios on the tour but this one just might take the cake.  There is so much fabric!!  And it is so organized!!  Bravo Bobbie!!  Click here to check out bolts and bolts of fabric plus so much more in this studio tour.

image (1)

Have you ever heard of Tanner and Courtney?  They are two teens that have an amazing craft blog.  I had the pleasure of meeting them both this year at CHA.  I just had to get a tour of the crafty studio at Tanner’s house.  After all how many teen crafters do you meet?  Y’all check out the video tour below of Tanner’s awesome studio.  I could use those big lights and work table Tanner!  You can also click over to A Little Craft in Your Day to watch the video of follow their crafty adventures.

 Oh my goodness!!  I am in love with the colorful creative studio of Stephanie from The Silly Pearl.  The vintage suitcases used as storage had me sold from the get go.  You will also find tons of storage ideas in this room that you can definitely make work in your home.  I am going to try out her washi tape storage myself.  Click here to see the rest of the room and get the details on all of that organization.


My jaw dropped as soon as the next photo hit my inbox.  This extremely organized space is the crafty area of Marty from Marty’s Musings.  I might just have had a dream about it last night y’all.  The picture below is just one wall in this amazing space that you really must see to believe.  Bravo Marty!  Y’all click here and be in awe at this awesome creative space.

martys musings

Bonnie and Trish from Uncommon Designs are two of my favorite bloggers.  They jumped at the chance to show off just one of the craft studios that work to create on their blog.  I love some paint organization (maybe cause I have so much myself??) so this tour was definitely for me.  Six words…..faux wood grain on gorgeous pillows….don’t miss them!  Click here to check out the full creative studio of Trish from Uncommon Designs.


Last for today but certainly not least is Amy from Atta Girl Says.  Mixing teal and pink in a craft room?  Oh yes!  Awesome!  This room is full of new IKEA finds plus some vintage flair mixed in.  There is organization, color, fun, and oh so much more.  You don’t want to miss this fabulous craft room.  Click here to get the full tour from Atta Girl Says.


Just one more day left in this amazing craft room series.  I have loved every single second of it.  It is amazing to see where all of these creative ladies work every day.  Y’all click here to start at the beginning of the tour if you missed any of the rooms this week.  And stay tuned as tomorrow is the last tour stops!  You don’t want to miss em!!