Farmhouse Style Mud Room Organization and Ideas

 I was challenged by Better Homes and Gardens this month to make my home holiday ready and they are sponsoring this post.  For me the flurry of holiday guests sends me into nesting and organization mode.  Around our home, the guests all feel free to just pop in the back door.  Which means instead of entering through our foyer they are coming in through the mud room.  Hmmm…not exactly holiday ready y’all.  So I made it my mission to organize, clean up, and make my mud room ready for any holiday celebration that happens at our home.  

Mud Room Organization and Ideas -- incorporate these farmhouse style ideas into your own home!

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Painted Wood Caddy with Chalky Finish Paint #chalkyfinish #decoartprojects

 It is no secret that DecoArt Chalky Finish paint is one my my favorite craft supplies.  I recently completed this painted wood caddy and thought I would share with y’all today.  I am blessed to be on the DecoArt design team and am compensated for posts such as these however all projects and opinions are my own.  I would definitely love the chalky finish paint regardless. 

Painted Wood Caddy -- use a stencil and Decoart Chalky Finish paint to complete this look on any wood surface. [Read more...]

Mason Jar Desk Organizer

 My kiddos actually head back to school the end of this week!  I know!  This mason jar desk organizer will make a perfect back to school teacher gift this year.  A couple of jars turn into a desk organizer for teacher or for YOU!  Add this project to your must make list.  Be sure to pick the colors that will coordinate with your home decor if you are keeping this one.  Y’all organization in mason jars is my favorite type of organizing.  But you are not surprised right?  This post is a part of my design team status with DecoArt and I am compensated for my participation.  However all projects and opinions are my own. 

  Mason Jar Desk Organizer -- make your own back to school teacher gift with this craft tutorial.  An adorable way to add some organization to any desk.

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Vacation Memory Box

Summer is not complete without some sweet vacation memories.  Store all of those away in a vacation memory box this year.  They can be on display yet still out of sight.  This is also a great project for a camp.  Kids can make their own boxes and then stow away their camp souvenirs before heading home.  This is part of the Craft Lightning camp crafts edition this week.  If you have missed any of the fun, be sure to check out the round up from day 1day 2,  day 3, day 4, and day 5.  If you want a chance to be featured here this week, link up your camp crafts to the Craft Lightning linky party.  Now lets make a box to store some memories.

This post is part of my design team status with DecoArt and I am compensated for my participation.  All projects and opinions are my own however.

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Kitchen Organization Ideas

I have posted a variety of kitchen organization ideas around here over the years.  I decided I would round up the top ideas that actually work in our home.  These ideas are all still functioning in my home today and make our kitchen run smooth.  These are all tried and tested ideas that you can easily replicate for some organization in your own home.

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Organizing Spices in Mason Jars

 Is your spice drawer a mess?  I have a great solution for you!  Organizing spices in mason jars.  However my version has a unique twist with chalkboard that makes this idea even better.  This one was first posted over at the Darice blog however I wanted to share it here in case you missed it.  I have been living with this mason jar spice organizer for over 3 months and it really works for us.  I hope it will work for you as well. 

Organizing spices with mason jars -- learn how to use mason jars and chalkboard paper to organize your spice drawers.  A great kitchen organization idea!

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Refrigerator Command Center

 Everyone that has kids knows that there are schedules and paper everywhere.  In order to keep it all corralled and somewhat organized, I came up with this refrigerator command center.  We had a big empty area on the side of our refrigerator just begging to get clean and organized.  This is a project that won’t take you much time to complete but will reward you with time when you don’t have to search for those pesky doctor reminder cards or the latest sports schedule.

Refrigerator Command Center --  a great way to get your family more organized in the kitchen. [Read more...]

Clean Grout with NO Chemicals

 First of all a huge thank you to the person that built our house and had small tile installed on the kitchen counter tops.  It is a pleasure to clean.  Can you tell I am being sarcastic?  I FINALLY have a quick and easy way to get clean grout with no chemicals.  This has been a battle I have been fighting for over 10 years.  And today my friends I have a solution.  This post is sponsored by HomeRight and I am doing a review of their steam machine.  However I am always honest in my reviews and my opinions below are all truthful.

The Easiest Way to Clean Grout with NO Chemicals -- use steam to clean your grout with this super simple method.

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25 Ways to Clean with Alcohol

 Time for another edition of my all natural cleaning series.  This time we are exploring the cleaning possibilities with rubbing alcohol.  Get 25 ways to naturally clean with alcohol below.  Do you have any other tips and tricks?  Be sure to leave them in the comment section for us.

If you have missed any of our series, check out the ways to clean with vinegar, cream of tartar, peroxide, steam, baking soda, lemon, corn starch, salt and rubbing alcohol.

Cleaning with Alcohol -- get 25 ways to clean naturally with rubbing alcohol all in one place!

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Mason Jar Craft Supply Organizer

 It is day 3 of Craft Lightning and my mason jar craft supply organizer is a quick and easy way to get you organized.  This one was originally posted over at Crafts Unleashed as part of my design team status but I thought I would share it here in case y’all missed it.  If you don’t know what Craft Lightning is, each day this week I will be posting a craft that takes 15 minutes or less to complete.  Then each afternoon I will be posting a round up of quick crafts from around the web.  If you want a chance to be featured, be sure to link up to our Craft Lightning linky party.   Now lets make a quick mason jar craft supply organizer.  
If you missed any of the Craft Lightning fun, be sure to check out the quick crafts from day 1, day 2, day 3, and day 4.

Mason Jar Craft Supply Organizer -- make this organizer quickly and get your craft supplies in order! 

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