25 Mason Jar Wedding Ideas

We have had an amazing week sharing mason jar wedding ideas.  I thought I would round up all 25 ideas for you all in one place.  Click around on the links below to see the amazing DIY ideas and get inspired for your own wedding.  Want even more inspiration?  Be sure to follow our mason jar crafts Pinterest board for tons of mason jar crafts of all types!

Get 25 great mason jar wedding ideas here -- perfect for any wedding theme!

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Glass Etched Mason Jar Lanterns

 Time for another mason jar wedding idea.  These glass etched mason jar lanterns will look gorgeous hanging around your wedding.  Plus anyone can make these y’all!  Don’t forget that it is mason jar wedding week.  I am joining with 4 other bloggers to bring you an idea every day.  Scroll to the bottom of this post to see today’s fabulous ideas from the other bloggers. 

Glass etched mason jar lanterns -- perfect for weddings and so easy to make!  I had no idea they made etching cream that you could re-use over and over!     

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Mason Jar Table Number for Weddings

 Make a simple mason jar table number for your wedding with these instructions.  This idea is perfect for marking the number of your reception tables.  You will just need a few supplies and some spray paint to make one or a dozen of these easy crafts.  You can find even more mason jar wedding ideas at the bottom of this post as I am joining up with some other bloggers all week.  Y’all don’t miss it!  

Mason jar table number for weddings -- a quick and easy way to make table numbers for your event!    


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Lace Mason Jar Vase

 Y’all this lace mason jar vase is just paint!  There is not any lace wrapped around it in the picture below.  Amazing right?  This will be simply gorgeous for weddings.  This is the second in a week of mason jar wedding ideas.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page and click around for even more ideas from my partners for this series.

Lace Mason Jar Vase -- use two paint colors and lace as a mask to create this gorgeous painted vase for your wedding, home, or any party. Get the full step by step instructions here. Can you believe this is just paint? There is no actual lace on this jar!

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DIY Rustic Wedding Signs

 It is the last day of Craft Lightning and I am sharing my DIY rustic wedding signs today.  If you have missed any of Craft Lightning, be sure to catch up with the quick crafts in the round ups from day 1, day 2, day 3, and day 4.  This tutorial was originally posted over at the Darice blog but I wanted to share it here in case y’all missed it.  Bear with me as this one has tons of steps but trust me they all go quickly and you will have your own rustic wedding signs in no time. 

diy rustic wedding signs-037

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Rustic Glam Wedding Decor #dollargeneral

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have some rustic glam wedding decor that you are going to love but first some exciting news.  This is my first post as a Dollar General ambassador!  Every month I have the pleasure of stalking Dollar General for some fabulous finds and bringing them right here to you.  Have you been in a Dollar General lately?  They have really stepped up their game y’all!  From craft supplies to home decor, there are some amazing deals to be found.  For instance, you can find EVERYTHING you need to make this rustic glam wedding decor right at Dollar General.  Skeptical??  Then lets get started!

rustic glam wedding decor

Yep today I am mixing mason jars with gold glitter to give you the rustic yet glamorous wedding of your dreams.  To make everything you see, gather the follow from your local Dollar General:

  • Framed picture
  • Gold glitter posterboard
  • Mason jars with chalkboard label
  • Mason jar tea light holder
  • Tea lights
  • Glue dots (or other glue method)
  • Metallic gold spray paint
  • Gold glitter tape
  • Mason jar string lights

rustic glam wedding decor-001

I told you Dollar General had stepped up their game!  Want proof I found all of these in my local Dollar General store?  I even took pictures INSIDE the store to prove it to you.


Awesome right?  I will pause while you head to Dollar General for your supplies.  Then hurry back here to make your own rustic glam wedding decor ‘kay?  Alright now that you are back, start by stripping that framed picture of all hardware, etc.  Remember it is becoming a tray so it will need to sit flat on the table.

rustic glam wedding decor-002

Next we are going to have to get inside of it to add that fabulous gold glitter poster board (yes it is that amazing in person as well).

 rustic glam wedding decor-003

The frame I settled on is sort of a shadow box because the picture has some 3D elements to it.

rustic glam wedding decor-004

Can you guess what I am going to say?  We are going to need to remove all of those as well so the posterboard lays flat.  I just pulled all of the elements off the picture.

rustic glam wedding decor-005

Now use the picture as a template and cut a piece of that fabulous gold glitter poster board the same size.

rustic glam wedding decor-006

I used glue dots (also available at Dollar General) to put the posterboard onto the picture.  You can use hot glue, krazy glue, or any other fabulous glue that you can find at Dollar General.

rustic glam wedding decor-007

Now reassemble your frame and you have a fabulous tray in just minutes to add to your rustic glam wedding decor.  Rustic glam?  But what about the colors on that mason jar tea light holder?  Have no fear!  We are going to fix that as well.  Start by disassembling the candle holder.

rustic glam wedding decor-008

Spray paint the hello top with the metallic gold spray paint.  Then wrap the amazing gold glitter tape around the burlap for a glam look that you will love.

rustic glam wedding decor-009

Speaking of amazing gold glitter tape….I had to use it again.  These mason jar string lights were screaming at me from the shelf at Dollar General but they needed a little glam.

rustic glam wedding decor-010

Just wrap the tape around the tops for an extra special touch.  I can see these lights strung all around your outdoor summer ceremony.

rustic glam wedding decor-011

Where did those chalkboard label mason jars end up?  A little writing and they are ready for some flowers.  Yes these jars are sold at Dollar General with that chalkboard label already on them.  Run don’t walk y’all.  They can’t last long.

rustic glam wedding decor-014

The mason jar tea light holder was reassembled once the paint dried on the top.  I added in a tea light from Dollar General as well.

rustic glam wedding decor-013

Pulling this rustic glam wedding decor together only takes minutes and purchasing everything from Dollar General is a cost savings for sure.  Throw the budget wedding of your dreams by stalking the new finds at Dollar General.

rustic glam wedding decor-015

Are you like me and have a mason jar addiction?  This centerpiece is definitely for you as well.  Change up the chalk writing on the jars to suit any event or party you are hosting.  “Happy Birthday” or “Congrats Sue” will work as well as “We do”.  Turn this rustic glam wedding decor into rustic glam party decor with the swipe of an eraser.

rustic glam wedding decor-012


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Pretty Flower Vase with Printable Spring Decor

Jen is back again with a fun flower vase printable for your spring decor.  Wrap this around a vase or jar for your spring parties and weddings.  The free printable download is below.  Y’all be sure to follow along with Jen at 100 Directions as well to get even more of these great printables!  

I love spring and all it’s beautiful new flowers blooming all around. So today I have a printable for you to dress up your glass jars to use as vases for all your favorite flowers. Use a regular hole punch to create a lace effect before attaching the wrap to your vase. I love it when something so simple can become fabulous with just a little extra effort!

Flower Vase -- a printable vase wrap that can be added to any jar in seconds.  A fun way to dress up flowers for a spring party or wedding.

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Two Toned Dyed Jars

 It is time for Crafty Hangouts again.  This month we have mason jar crafts all week long.  I am kicking things off with these two toned dyed jars that are perfect for candle holders.  Plus you can make them in just a few minutes.  The hangouts this week are actually sponsored by Ball brand.  I am using two different Ball brand jars in this video and if you will hang around until the end of the week I will use a different type of jar for another craft.   

Two Tones Dyed Jars -- dye your mason jars in just minutes with a multi-tone appearance your will love.

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30 Second Glitter Tea Lights

Make fabulous glitter tea lights in just seconds with little to no mess.  How?  Let me show you!  This one was originally posted over at Crafts Unleashed but I am republishing here in case y’all missed it.  Get a few supplies and make a ton of these in just a few minutes.  Add them to your wedding, reception, graduation party, or any other event.  

Make glitter tea lights in just 30 seconds with no mess!  Use these for your wedding or reception.  Click to get the full instructions on making your own.

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How to print custom wedding labels

 Today I am going to show you how to design and print custom wedding labels.  I added some initials and a date to my examples below but you can design the labels of your dreams.  You just need a regular computer and printer for these unique wedding labels. 

How to Print Custom Wedding Labels -- learn how to design and print your own custom wedding labels for any part of your ceremony or reception.

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