Build a Monster Cookie Kit

Looking for something fun to give out at a Halloween party?  This quick and easy craft can be made in minutes.  My build a monster cookie kit is a fun activity and a treat all in one little package.  Grab a few simple ingredients and the free printable tag and make your own version of this kit this year.

Build a Monster Cookie Kit -- a fun kit to give out at any Halloween party!  Let them build their own monster party!  Click to get the supply list and free printable tags.

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Freaky Face Mask with Face Paint

 Want to freak out your neighborhood this Halloween?  Or maybe just the kids?  Make this freaky face mask with face paint in just a few minutes.  This post is sponsored by I Love to Create in conjunction with Crafty Hangouts.  You just need to grab some face paint from I Love To Create to get started making your own version of this mask.


Create a freaky face mask with just face paint and this video tutorial!

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Paper Lantern Hanging Ghosts

 Okay.  I love Halloween.  I love decorating for Halloween.  I love creeping out the neighbors.  I am that girl.  If you are too, you will want to follow along as I create some paper lantern hanging ghosts below and show you how to hang them.  Hanging them should be easy right?  It is now!  This post is brought to you by 3M Command products new outdoor product line and let me tell you I am thrilled.  I can now dress up my outdoor areas as must as I want then take it down at the end of the season without damaging any surfaces.

Paper Lantern Hanging Ghosts -- add these inexpensive Halloween decorations to your outdoor decor in just a few minutes!
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Make this: Halloween Gift Bags

Y’all came make these Halloween gift bags with items you can find at the dollar store.  Grab some supplies and dress up any gift or favor that you plan to give this Halloween.  My spooky gift bags are sure to be the hit of the party.   

Halloween Gift Bags -- make these fun Halloween gift bags with items from the dollar store!

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Over 45 Easy Halloween Crafts

Craft Lightning was amazing last week!  I am here to round up over 45 easy Halloween crafts that were shared throughout the week.  All of these crafts take 15 minutes or less to make.  No excuses y’all!  You do have time to get creative and make something this Halloween!

Easy Halloween Crafts -- tons of ideas for easy Halloween crafts that anyone can make!

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Easy Halloween Crafts Day 5

It is time to wrap up the Craft Lightning Halloween edition with the last of our easy Halloween crafts.  Don’t fear as I will wrap up the entire series for you tomorrow.  If you can’t wait, be sure to check out the round ups from day 1, day 2, day 3, and day 4.  Now onto the easy crafts for today.

Kicking off today is the amazing Cyn with Creative Cynchronicity.  These ghosts in a jar are right up my alley and so darn simple to make.  Click here to get the how to from Cyn.

Easy Halloween Crafts -- easy crafts that can be made in 15 minutes or less!


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Frozen Movie: Make an Elsa Crown

 Today I am going to show you how to make an Elsa crown from the amazing Frozen movie.  We are big fans of the movie around here and I knew I could whip up this crown in 15 minutes or less.  This is a part of the Craft Lightning series this week and you can see more easy Halloween crafts on the round ups from day 1, day 2, day 3, and day 4.  This is also part of an 80 handmade costume blog hop.  That is right!  Scroll to the bottom of this post to get tons of ideas for making your own Halloween costumes.


How to Make an Elsa Crown from the Movie Frozen -- make this in just minutes!

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Easy Halloween Crafts Day 4

Craft Lightning is winding down but we still have plenty of easy Halloween crafts left to go.  The features from day 4 are below.  If you are just joining, Craft Lightning is where we challenge bloggers to craft in 15 minutes or less.  You can see the features from day 1, day 2, and day 3 to catch up.  Then browse the day 4 features below.

 First up is Happiness is Homemade with a sugar scrub recipe that looks amazing!  Whip up a batch or two of this to give as gifts this holiday season or just to use yourself.


Easy Halloween Crafts -- super simple crafts that take 15 minutes or less to complete!


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